Here's one of my favorite go to meals - the creamy pasta with mushrooms and coriander. It's easy and quick which are two things I look for a lot in meals but it's one of those where I want something really nice and a bit comforting - hence all the cream. On occasions I fancy up the dish by using lobster or catfish and swap out the regular spaghetti for tagliatelle. 

All you need are mushrooms, cream, coriander, chili, garlic cloves, butter, mushroom stock cube and olive oil for frying and pasta (I always use whole grain as I find it tastes better) and then of course salt and pepper. 

Prepare pasta as instructed on the package. Meanwhile heat up the garlic and chili in butter and olive oil until moist. Add mushrooms and fry until they start getting that beautiful golden color. Drain pasta and add to the mushroom mixture along with the cream. Add half a mushroon stock cube. Mix well and season with salt and pepper. Towards the end add the coriander but save just a pinch for garnish.

Excellent with truffle oil on top. 

It's that simple! Enjoy -

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