How do you really know if you are passionate about something enough to call it your passion, your calling? How do you find it? It's with this question I start the last semester of my studies at the art academy. 

What I'm working on these days is putting together my portfolio. It sounds easy enough - summarise my projects, write description, take pictures, throw it in a nice template and publish. Not really. What is more important: to show how I work or the work I've done? How do I communicate and project myself to society? What kind of a designer do I set out to be? Over the next two weeks I'll be moulding the answers to these questions and translate them into a website.



I visited Holland with a good people from my class and other departments from school for Dutch Design Week held in Eindhoven. The whole trip was so good, but so cold! I definitely did not pack right for this trip as I was freezing cold all the time. 

The days were spent wondering the streets of Eindhoven and a little bit of Amsterdam, visiting many, many exhibitions, having good food, coffee and drinks. There was not much time spent relaxing so on our last day in Amsterdam a couple of us bailed on a museum day to relax, shop, eat and drink. Perfect ending to a wonderful trip. 

Now I keep on dreaming of warm places while the cold winds wander the streets of Reykjavík.



School is in session and tomorrow is the first crit of the semester. We are turning a part of our studio into a big mind map and material library on the topic of icelandic horse. 



We are about to boarder the second half of august. It feels like the air is getting crispier by every day that passes. The nights are becoming darker and I find myself surrounded by candlelight under a blanket on quiet evenings. I'm looking forward to the changing seasons but I will definitely miss these long and bright summer nights. This summer has been one of the best I have experienced yet, filled with travels, natural hot pools, climbing on glaciers, hikes, laughs, meeting new people, dancing and drinking in the city. The summer is not over yet and there are a few things I want to cross of the list before the leaves on the trees turn yellow. Plans intertwining with dreams and visions. 

— walk barefoot in the sand 
— bathe in a natural hot pool at midnight
— dinner at the pier
— pick fresh berries 
— camp right next to the ocean 

What will you do?



Went for a hike in the woods with my french earlier in the week. Fell asleep on a bed of rocks in the summer sun whilst listening to the sound of the wind and flies buzzing around us. A moment of perfect serenity was exactly what my mind was seeking. 



I took a trip with colleagues to Laugarmýri for an overnight stay in june to take some footage for an upcoming project. close to the farm is this natural hot spring, located besides a waterfall. We went for a swim there in the midnight sun. Nothing compares to these kind of summer nights. Looking forward to even more traveling in the second half of july. 



I like to decorate with eucalyptus branches for various occasions. Placing them in a clear vase with a little bit of water. This time it was for a visit from Fréttablaðið for an interview about my favorite things in my apartment. It's a collection of those little things that I love at the moment. Material sketches from school, the books and magazines, corals and rocks. 
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