Hello and welcome to the first fashion related blog post here on Monday. 

As part of my twenty-fifteen resolution to simplify and declutter my living space the wardrobe was absolutely a place that needed to be deconstructed. Although my closet was not big there were still surprisingly many bits that were not used much so remarkably many bags of clothes went to the red cross bin. I felt it was time to update the uniform and make it a little more streamlined. So a lot of pieces were replaced and a lot of things were returned to my sister from whom I have borrowed half of my (her) closet.

This has been an ongoing process for the past couple of months or so but the last cleanse was made after watching this whose tips can be applied to any circumstance regarding decluttering ones home. Let's trace my steps. 

step one: cleanse 
If the piece has not be worn for the past year, let it go. Give it to charity or give away to friends and family. Be totally brutal about it. We all have that one (or seven) dress that we have some bond with but have only worn it once and that was two years ago. 

step two: analyze
Sort out what you already have and analyse what you need. Need being the key word for this step. What do you spend the majority of your time doing and work from that when figuring out whats missing. For example: I am a mother of a very active child and a student therefore I need rather comfortable pieces that are good for attending long lectures as well as running around with the little one. Bare in mind that it's not about having a lot of clothes, it's about having the right ones. 

step three: shop
Before you hit the shops, make a list of what your wardrobe is missing. For example: my wardrobe 'to shop' list included a knitted sweater, a turtleneck, the basic tee, a slightly dressy shirt, winter shoes and smart flats. Think of it like going to the grocery store without a shopping list, chances are you'll walk away with unnecessary junk and forget that one key ingredient for tonight's dinner (no? just me?). Keep in mind what colors you like to wear, what kind of fits suit you well and so on and imagine to what you can wear it and if it can be worn in different ways.

Image by Love Aesthetics

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