Insofar this year has been a year of detoxing and de-cluttering my home. Suddenly I got the urge to get rid of things that I had kept safe over the years. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things in my own home.

The apartment we – I, the boyfriend and our four year old gemstone – live in is really not that big and we like to collect things. We have a decent storage system as I think most homes do but up to what point is good storage doing its purpose?

With no mercy I’ve slowly gone through the little places and spaces where we keep things stored away – the TV cabinet, the kitchen cabinets, the little boxes here and there and I have slowly started to work my way into the storage room, or the black hole as I like to call it. The rule of thumb is if the object has not been used for over a year it has to go. Why do I need two pizza knifes when we never use more than one at a time and why do we (I) have fifty coffee cups? Seriously.

Because here’s the thing: our apartment is technically a two bedroom flat but the second room we use for storage which is insane given that our four year old shares a tiny bedroom with us where toys are not allowed in, so all of his toys are in the living room.

As we are both great handymen we both have a lot of tools but those tools so that is perhaps the biggest hurtle to get over when emptying the storage room but it’s not impossible at all.

Photo by Jennifer from AMM. I adore this green wall color. 


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